Waddenpark Avanti Texel | Natuur
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Bird migration started again

The migratory season has begun. Then the mudflats are a very nice place to watch birds. From their northern breeding grounds attract waders as knot, sandpiper, curlew and godwit from the nutrient-rich mudflats. But geese and ducks come by the thousands. And do not the songbirds … Stay there at the height of the draw or some six million birds in the Wadden Sea! But you can recognize them all? Come and explore it yourself. For the Wadden Sea developed free bird identification cards. This contains the most common species of birds and on the back a map with the best bird areas. You can get these cards for free at Avanti – book a vacation and find the thousands of migratory birds ….

Bird migration and bird nesting packages

At Avanti you sit around between the bird breeding areas: a view of the new nature Utopia from the homes; Salt marshes and the Floaters Vogelweid Globe within a radius of 1,500 meters, and the largest nature reserve in Europe – the World Heritage Wadden Sea only 500 meters away. Furthermore you will find along the dike much more birding sites. Ideal for “feugeltjeskiekers” , and seated at our own bird observatory, you do not even off the ground Avanti! The property you see regularly large groups of mudflats birds (geese) covers from the marshes towards the Slufter and back. When booking a special bird migration and bird nesting arrangement you will receive a number of Avanti bird routes you can travel by bike (rental). Members of the wild birds receive 10% discount on the rent when booking three weeks. Valid in the months of May, June, October / March (these discounts are not applicable during the regular school holidays)



Located on the east side of Avanti Utopia, a beautiful bird inside the dike. Here nesting terns and waders on the shells beaches. From the observation tower, and along the dike you have a good view of the birds in the creek area.